From A to BDoesn't our website look different? You've guessed it right, we have moved our website to another platform.

We like it so far. We hope you love the changes just as much or more. Exciting new features will continue to trickle in. So keep checking in and letting us know. You may get a hold of us through our contact us page or by replying to this blog entry.

One prominent feature that our customers have come to love at our physical store is our rewards program. Taking cue from its success offline, we have gone ahead and implemented one such program online as well.

If not already available, soon, you will be able to view all of our inventory. Some are already listed online while more will be added later, however, most of the offline inventory is available for special order. We will work with you to optimize shipping and arrange for the product to be delivered to you.  


  • Apr 19, 2016
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