All your frequently asked questions, featured on one page. Please feel free to contact us if your inquiry is not adequately addressed below.

1. You have many products in your physical store but only a few for sale on your website, why?

A. There are a couple of reasons that drive our decision. One, shipping incurred on some products amount to almost as much as the product costs itself, and in some cases more, and may not be worth our customers' time. But, should you still need this product, contact us and we will ship it to you. Or second, the demand for the product just has not shown us that it needs to be a priority for an online listing. Or third, we may be experimenting with new ways to get the product to you faster, cheaper and in the best condition possible.

 2. Are your in-store pricing the same as your online pricing for goods?

A. No. Our take is that both online (website) and offline (physical brick store) are almost exclusive to their respective environments and warrant individual approaches to various aspects of business. Thus online pricing, being one of the components of such an environment, stands on it own merits. 

3. Why do most products have no reviews?

A. Our growth required us to shift to a new shopping platform. Due to compatibility issues, we have not been able to move everything at once. It is taking quite a bit of an effort to move data. Stage one of the move concluded in early May 2016. The rest will trickle in ... 

4. Do you match your competitors' prices?

A. Apple to Apple, yes we do (except for shipping costs). Please read our testimonials and you will understand that you are buying from an experienced retailer that strives to takes into account your holistic shopping experience. Although we understand, price is a motivator to shop at a place or not, one should consider all aspects of shopping online. We feel, based on our customers' feedback, that we excel at that when compared to our competition. We always consider taking special precaution with product packaging, have almost a 100% ship-on-time and on-time delivery rate.

5. Do you charge Sales Tax?

A. We are incorporated in the State of Michigan and we are not required to charge Sales Tax on food items but are required to charge tax on non-food items. On items that are charged tax, it will be 6%.