Hamdard Rooh Afza Sharbat Syrup

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Rooh Afza has been referred to as ‘The Original Red Drink’. Rooh Afza's cooling effect is long lasting for it not only instantly quenches the thirst but also rapidly cools the entire system and gives back the body the vigor, vitality and freshness depleted by excessive heat. In addition to its popularity as a drink mixed in water, Rooh Afza is also a strong favorite mixed in milk, fresh lime or yogurt, plus it has a plethora of other uses, such as being the vital ingredient in home-made ice cream, sorbet, slush, smoothies, sundaes and many other sweet and savory dishes.

It is a syrup-like concentrate which is mixed with water (or whatever the user wishes) to make a sweet drink. But nothing in that bare description can hope to convey just how well it lives up to its name. Perhaps the closest anyone could come to putting it into words was that journalist of the ‘Saveur’ magazine of USA a renowned authority on food and drink – who, in 2007, not only listed it among the top ten brands of the world in its list of 100, but called it an ‘heavenly elixir’! Millions of diehard fans couldn’t agree more.


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