Hem Patchouli Incense Sticks Box 120 Sticks

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Patchouli is a sophisticated scent that permeates rich earthly, woody aroma with fruity end notes, and aromatherapy favorite.

HEM is world famous for its traditional incense made from select woods, resins, florals and fine essential oils all blended skillfully with expert care and love. Their most widely known Precious line of incense comes in a variety of floral, exotic wood and traditional resin fragrances.

Holder is required to collect all the ashes at one place. Holder can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal.


How to Burn Incense Sticks

An incense stick holder is good to have to collect all the ashes at one place. The holder can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal.

Light the coated side of the stick with a match or lighter and hold the flame to the stick until it holds its own flame. Let the flame burn for a few seconds then blow the flame off and you will see a cherry burning on the stick. Smoke will rise and the fragrance of the incense stick will spread all over the place. If you don’t see a cherry light on the incense stick, re-light it.

Aroma will refresh your Heart, Mind and Soul with happiness.


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