YS Eco Bee Farms Raw U.S. Grade A Honey 14oz

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YS Organic Bee Farms organic honey is harvested with extreme care, is 100% pure, natural, unheated, unfiltered and unprocessed; just like fresh from the hives.The result produces a superior, energy packed honey with the highest possible levels of live enzymes, vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants, healing agents as a functional whole food, unlike any other honey – no pesticides, herbicides or pollutants used of any kind. 

Key Benefits

  • Full Health Benefits as a Functional Food, a good balance between nutritious and delicious
  • Fresh, Clean, Friendly, Alive Bio-Eco System with a nutrient-dense sugar substitute
  • U.S. Grade 'A' purest, richest, healthiest, safest honey that is harvested with extreme Care
  • Unheated, unprocessed and true raw state with a mild flowery flavor
  • Antioxidant-rich and energy-packed
  • Natural healing agent that nourishes skin

Organic Honey

To soften, place container in warm water and stir. Repeat as needed to get spreadable softness and enjoy full benefits. 

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