Zaiqa Bulgur Wheat #3

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  • EXCITE YOUR TASTE: Just when you feel the time is right to uplift traditional Rice, Couscous and Quinoa dishes with something new, you may want to embark on a culinary adventure with bulghur; a quick-cooking, nutty-flavored, whole grain food that cooks in about the time it takes you to order fast food. Only difference – you get a good mix of nutrition, taste and convenience in one place
  • NUTRITION PACKED: One of the oldest good-for-you nutritious super food that is a potent package of dietary fiber, vitamins, phytonutrients, minerals & antioxidants, which is why they are often included in many healing diets, like the Mediterranean diet. Great source of plant-based protein with a high dose of fiber that ferments in the gut to produce short-chain fatty acids (SCFA) which not only improve immunity and nutrient absorption but also helps balance pH of the body
  • GOLDEN GRAIN GOODNESS: Our burghul contains nothing artificial, no cholesterol, has a lower-glycemic index, and is naturally non-GMO ( are other whole wheat derived grains). Bulgar is sometimes referred to as the “Middle Eastern pasta” for its versatility as a base for some hot breakfast cereals, all sorts of side dishes for lunch or dinner, pilafs and salads such as Tabbouleh (also spelled as Tabouli or Tabouleh) to name just a few
  • HIGH YIELD AND RESILIENT: Make 2.5x – 3x more food with just 2lbs of Zaiqa Bulgur Wheat; an excellent choice for difficult times, off-grid living & disaster stricken regions. Know the difference between Cracked Wheat & Bulgur Wheat before storing for a longer period. Cracked wheat is raw & uncooked whereas wheat kernels that are cleaned, boiled, dried, ground by a mill & then sorted by size, are called bulgur – which cooks faster & stores better. Most retail stores sell Bulgur, not Cracked Wheat
  • MINIMALISTIC APPROACH: Simple, yet secure packaging. Allows for storage at home in an airtight glass or canning jar