Zaiqa Semolina Coarse (Coarse Durum Wheat)

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  • ONE INGREDIENT, MANY USES: A high gluten flour, for better dough manipulation, used to make an excellent appealing bright yellow long or short pastas of all shapes, chewier pizza crusts and crispier bread crusts. With its intrinsically rich flavor, buttery color and slightly sweet taste, you can take desserts such as cakes, puddings, basbousa and halwa to a whole new culinary depth, unmatched by the regular all purpose flour.
  • NUTRITION PACKED: One of the oldest nutritious ingredients known to the Italians for its potent package of Protein, dietary fiber, various B Vitamins, Iron and Magnesium, which is why they are often included in many of the Mediterranean cookings.
  • GOLDEN GRAIN GOODNESS: Our Semolina is enriched with good-for-you nutrients and minerals, minus the bad artificial stuff, and is naturally non-GMO ( are other whole wheat derived grains). Semolina is also known as Semola in Italy and is known as a go-to ingredient for pasta and bread. It is also a staple in North Africa to make Couscous.
  • HIGH YIELD & MINIMALISTIC APPROACH: Make 2-2.5x more food with just 2lbs of Zaiqa Semolina from Durum Wheat; an excellent choice for difficult times, off-grid living & disaster stricken regions. Simple, yet secure packaging. Allows for storage at home in an airtight glass or canning jar.
  • DEEP IMPACT: Your purchase directly puts responsibility on us to become good stewards for the environment, it also humbles us to help reduce hunger by supporting local food banks. Last but not least, your purchase supports at least 3 U.S. warehousing jobs. So next time when you hear that unemployment is low, know that you have had a positive impact, no matter the size.