Ziyad Tahini Paste Sauce 32oz

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Ziyad Tahini paste is made from all natural crushed/pureed sesame seeds. It comes in glass jar and can be mixed with olive oil to further change its consistency, per preference.

What is Tahini?
Tahini, also referred to as Tahina, is made from ground hulled sesame seeds where the end result has a sauce or paste-like consistency. Many Mediterranean cuisines utilize Tahini as a dip or as an integral part of appetizers like Hummus (or also written as hummos, humus), Baba Ghanoush (or also written as Baba Ganouj, Baba Ganoush) and desserts like Halva (or also written as Halwa, Halawa, Halava). Tahini can be made from both raw or roasted sesame seeds, ground up into a sesame paste. It is believed that Tahini made from raw sesame seeds contains lesser fats than its roasted counterpart. In its raw form, vegetarian, vegan and raw food diets also find Tahini as a useful addition because of its relatively high levels of calcium and protein, and when compared to peanut butter, Tahini has higher levels of fiber and lower levels of sugar and saturated fats.

Note from Manufacturer:
Tahini has no meat or dairy products in it and is basically like Olive Oil. You can keep it indefinitely (re-sealed after being opened). It does not need to be in a refrigerator but should be placed in a cool, dry food storage area. It should last until it is consumed once it is opened, if re-sealed properly with the jar lid.

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